About Me

Hi there!

My name is Christopher Scheffler and I’m passionate about music.  I play the piano, concert flute, and acoustic guitar.

I learned music theory fhrough my flute teacher, but never went to a school for it.  I learned the notes and corresponding keys on the piano through my mother.  I also learned where to place my hands on the keyboard through her.   Then through music theory and video instruction I learned how to teach myself the piano.  

The acoustic guitar I learned partly through a cd-rom, partly by teaching myself, and some lessons through a teacher.  I don’t play much with different tunings, but I play fingerstyle as well as with a pick.  

The flute is the one instrument I learned totally by a teacher.  

Music is a therapy and passion for me.  I enjoy expressing myself through it.  The more styles i know, the better i can let my heart and soul speak through it.  I hope music can do the same for others too.  


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. TheTacoMom

    Music is a big part of life, and more so if you develop the talent for making it! My husband and I played in high school (flute and trumpet), we’ve had one son play trumpet, a daughter play the cello, another daughter played the flute, and now our new sixth grader is learning the trombone. Good luck!

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    1. Christopher Scheffler Post author

      Hi there. Yes, I agree that music is an important part of life. According to some sources, music can improve certain abilities or certain areas and functions of the brain. A lot of the time, I carry a song with me in my head and I’ll whistle it. It could be during work, at home, or whatever. I try to keep the volume soft so it doesn’t annoy people. With a song in my head it can make anything hard or difficult easier, and it takes my mind off of how any given task could be unpleasant or such.

      Without music in my life, I think I’d go crazy. Pure silence in the world and no existence of music could turn the world for most upside down.

      That’s awesome you have a musical family. I bet you can all have fun at a jam session or fun making music together. I still sometimes can’t get over how music can be made up of seven notes with respective sharps and flats and there’s a ton of music genres made from just that! 🙂 Thanks for the comment TacoMom. Good luck to you and yours on all musical endeavors.

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