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Popular Instruments Learned…Why?

A trumpet

Why do these instruments fly off the shelves?  And can a top ten list name them?  

There may be reasons like motor skill development, coordination, and creativity boosting in kids.  Music therapy can heal people with depression, dementia, anxiety, or calm people.  But can we address reasons less obvious?  
Here is a list of instruments popular to play:  

  • Saxophone
  • piano
  • guitar
  • flute
  • trumpet
  • violin
  • cello
  • drums
  • bass guitar
  • electric guitar

Can history be a love story and drama?  The ending…History fuels our purchase?

History can be rich with meaning.  It can enrich interest.  They fuel a possible instrument choice.  

Had it not been for the recording industry in America, the electric guitar’s birth may have been stalled.  Guitar makers and players eventually wanted guitars louder than the norm.  People researched amplification.  Jazz, country, and blues pioneered the way with the electric guitar in the 1930s and 1940s.  Jazz fusion combined jazz with rock, r&b, funk, and blues in the 1960s.  The electric guitar was the common thread weaving through that history.  Consequently some multi-genre musicians might likely have one today.

Does convenience and ease play a role?

Yes, especially with a harmonica.  Kids can even play songs quickly (see a quote among other quotes under the harmonica heading on  Chords and notes can be played and it’s highly portable.  Some sources would say it’s hard to sound bad on the harmonica – there’s no wrong notes.  See more info on  

The ukulele is one of the easiest string instruments to play.  Chords usually require just fretting two strings.  Almost any song could be played as well.  Again, being very portable equals convenience.  

Music and Therapy

Guitar, percussion, and piano head most music therapists’ repertoires.  Music therapy has been proven to heal, calm, and aid in recovery.  Music therapy popularity grows, and this contributes to certain instruments being hot.  

However, though those instruments are used, there are ethnic and traditional instruments also used.  Music therapy helped bring instruments into popularity and boosted other’s more.  

De-stressing Properties

Music is a form of expression.  In expressing ourselves, we could find calm or peace.  Your immune system and blood pressure could be affected positively by listening to or playing music.  For more, see these sites:

Music heals, develops, and inspires.  Whether it’s therapy, the price tag, or ease of playing that motivates a purchase, instruments are always on high demand.  Music is a language most want to know and speak.